As more people look for more homeopathic and natural ways to treat their own symptoms, they want the same for their beloved pets.

Herbal therapy has been used for years with the Chinese. However, Western doctors and veterinarians are now seeing results and want to treat their patients the best way that they can, often combining traditional medicine with Western herbal therapy.

Western herbal therapy begins with a single herb, instead of the mixtures that are common with Chinese herbal therapy. It is best to have a diagnosis, but that is not always necessary before trying therapy. We treat the patient as a whole, not just the symptoms that he or she is exhibiting.

Western herbal therapy is used to improve a patient’s well-being. It is good at treating chronic diseases to help your pet feel better, but is not a quick fix and should never be used in an emergency situation.

It is also important to use the correct herbs. Some have different formulas for pets, so it is best to buy your herbs from a reputable dealer or us.
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